Gas Viper is a SAQCC qualified and registered gas installer. We pride ourselves in delivering a fast, safe and efficient gas installation service!

To install a gas cylinder or appliance on a commercial property, you need to get approval from the local fire department. If the application and plans are not signed off by the fire department, you will sit with an illegal gas installation, which will have to be removed. Illegal gas installations also mean your business licence won’t be passed, and this is not something you would want for your business. Gas Viper installs gas appliances and manifolds for commercial entities such as restaurants, boats, yachts, food trucks, factories, churches and schools. By using our gas installation services, you can have peace of mind that your gas installation will meet industry regulatory standards. We will also submit your gas plans and consult with the fire department for commercial gas installation applications. So, contact Gas Viper to ensure that your commercial gas cylinder and appliance installation gets approved, licensed and meet industry standards.

Gas Grills for Restaurants

We supply and install various gas grillers for commercial use. A gas grill is ideal for cooking burgers and meats. Some restaurants prefer a table top griller where other prefer freestanding units. Especially in fast-paced restaurants where each chef needs their own space to prepare their part of the food.

You can count on Gas Viper to find you a suitable gas griller that will provide maximum product turnaround time in a busy restaurant with a high demanding kitchen.

Gas Flat Tops

If you need a griddle to prepare breakfasts and burgers, a gas flat top would be best. Gas flat tops are easy to install and can operate in power outages. If you would like to add or replace a gas flat top in your commercial kitchen, give Gas Viper a call. We will give you the best quote and supply and install the suitable gas flat top for your commercial kitchen and restaurant.

Gas Fryers

Need a gas fryer that can handle high volumes of food? Gas Viper can supply you with a suitable sized gas fryer for your restaurant. Not only do we supply fryers but we will ensure that the gas supply for your kitchen can cope when all gas appliances are in full operation.

Gas Meters

We are able to supply and install calibrated prepaid and standard gas meters to ensure that your gas consumption is accurately measured and monitored for invoicing. Each gas meter is installed in conjunction with a pressure gauge to determine if your gas is calculated at higher or low pressure. Provides accurate gas consumption on multi-user sites like flats, factories and shopping centres.

Food Trucks

All gas cylinders and gas operated food truck equipment must be installed by a qualified gas installer. If you own a food truck and want to add new additions to your truck or have some of your equipment replaced or repaired, call Gas Viper. Not only are we able to supply you with new gas equipment but we are also experienced in setting up the gas cylinders and equipment in food trucks.

We can supply you with gas cylinders, gas grillers, gas fryers, refrigerators and more. Contact us today to schedule a site visit!

Consult with client and design the optimal solution

Need a custom gas installation system installed on your commercial property? Gas Viper will gladly consult with you and discuss all your wants and needs in order to design the optimal solution for your business. Contact our office on (+27) 21 554 4988 to arrange a site visit and one-on-one consultation. No job is too big or challenging for Gas Viper! Customer satisfaction is what we strive for in every job we do.

Supply of Fire Equipment and Safety Signage

According to the Health and Safety (OHS) Act, a commercial property must have enough fire equipment available in case of a fire breakout. The number of fire equipment required on a commercial property is determined by the size of the property. Gas Viper is certified to supply commercial properties and restaurants with various fire equipment. Contact us today for a site visit and quote! A commercial gas installation requires certain gas specific signage such as vapour directional stickers, shut off valves, installer plates and emergency boards. A dry chemical powder fire extinguisher (4.5kg or 9kg) is required next to the gas installation in the event of an incident.

Gas Viper will supply specific LPG signage. We can supply the brackets for the fire extinguisher, the DCP fire ext and fire boxes on request.

Gas Detection

Flammable gas when leaked into the environment can pose a potentially dangerous situation for those present if left undetected. LP gas is heavier than air and collects at ground level when a leak occurs at ground level. When a leak is detected by the sensor the gas supply will be switched off at the gas cylinder. A gas installer is called out to repair the gas leak and ensure the gas system is ready for operation.