Gas Viper is a SAQCC qualified and registered gas installer. We pride ourselves in delivering a fast, safe and efficient gas installation service!

At Gas Viper, our residential gas installations are done according to South African National Standards. We can supply and install gas hobs and ovens, gas geysers and gas fireplaces for residential properties.

Before the installation process can begin, we will first do a site visit to ensure that there will be a safe distance between your gas cylinders and your doors, windows and drains. We can also supply you with an aluminium gas cage to keep your gas cylinders safe and provide help with achieving the safety distances required.

Certificate of Conformity (COC)

Need a Certificate of Conformity (COC) to sell your home? Gas Viper is a certified and registered member with the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa (LPGSASA) to issue a Gas Certificate of Conformity (COC).

According to the regulations that were put into place in 2013, all residential and commercial gas installations must have a Certificate of Conformity (COC). This certificate certifies that the gas installation meets safety standards and was installed by a registered gas installer.

Gas Viper issues a Certificate of Conformity with all our gas installations and is more than willing to issue you a Certificate of Conformity (COC) if you require one to sell your property. Contact us today to book a site visit for your Certificate of Conformity (COC).

Gas Meters

We are able to supply and install calibrated prepaid and standard gas meters to ensure that your gas consumption is accurately measured and monitored for invoicing. Each gas meter is installed in conjunction with a pressure gauge to determine if your gas is calculated at higher or low pressure. Provides acc

Gas Geysers

Want to save up to 40% on your electricity bill? By installing a gas geyser, you not only save money, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Another benefit of installing a gas geyser in your home is the fact that you don’t have to worry about a burst geyser. The Gas Viper team are experts when it comes to the installation of gas geysers. Call us today for a free quote!

We supply gas geysers/hot water heaters from Dewhot, Bosch, Rinnai, Paloma etc.

Gas Geyser Weather Cabinets and Covers

We supply and install a range of gas geysers covers and aluminium weather cabinets that protect your gas geyser from the elements.

Aluminium Gas Cylinder Cages

Gas Viper supplies and installs aluminium gas cylinder cages from a single 9kg, to double gas cages for 2 gas cylinders and custom size and configuration. We recommend aluminium due to the high incidence of rust in the coastal areas. The gas cages are used to mitigate certain safety distances, tampering and theft of gas cylinders.

Gas Hobs and Ovens

Gas hobs and ovens are a great investment if you want to cut down on your electricity usage. It is cost effective, helps you cut down on cooking time and you won’t have to worry about load shedding blues when the power goes off. Gas hobs, in the long run, also lasts longer than electric stoves and it has become quite a popular appliance in today’s trendy kitchens. If you would like to switch over to a gas hob and oven, call Gas Viper. We will install your new gas appliance and ensure that it will pass all the safety checks.

We ensure that your warranty with your gas appliance supplier is validated due to it being installed by an accredited gas installer.

We supply gas hobs and ovens from Lofra, Faber, Eurogas, Elba etc.

Gas Fireplaces

Not only do gas fireplaces set a relaxed ambiance but it also heats up the house on those cold winters’ days and nights. Gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, as it requires no wood logs, fire starters or regular cleaning. It is also exceptionally cheaper to run and install than a wood-burning fireplace. For a professionally installed gas fireplace, contact Gas Viper. We will ensure that you get the safest, most efficient and great looking gas fireplace installed in your home.

We supply gas fireplaces from Megamaster, Jetmaster, Chad-o-Chef etc.

Gas space heating units

What better way to heat up a room in your home than with a gas space heating unit? Not only does it heat up the area immediately, but it also saves you electricity. Portable gas space heating units are great for keeping your family and pets warm during the winter, and helps minimise the onset of colds, flus and asthma. These units are installed with a quick release system, which means you can store it away during the warmer months.

If you would like to find out more about gas space heating units, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Gas Braais

Gone are the days of struggling with wet firewood, too cold coals and hungry (and semi-disappointed) family and friends. A gas braai is a great investment for entertainers and individuals who love to braai.

Gas braais are extremely convenient. It saves a great amount of time as you can start your “fire” by the push of the button and have your braai going in minutes. The accurate temperature control also means you don’t have to worry about the grill being too hot or too cold for the meats and veggies you are braaing.

Lastly, gas braais are safer in smaller areas, because there is no open fire to worry about. This makes it a great option for homeowners who live in townhouses, duplexes or apartments that have limited garden and outdoor space.

Call Gas Viper for a fast and efficient gas braai installation. We will ensure that your gas braai meet safety standards and is ready before the weekend!

We supply gas braais from Megamaster, Chad-o-Chef etc.

Supply and Installation of Gas Cages (Aluminium and Steel)

Gas cylinders should be stored outside, which means it could be at risk of being stolen. Replacing gas cylinders can be costly, so that is why it is important to secure it behind lock and key. Gas Viper supplies and installs various gas cages that can withstand all weather conditions. At Gas Viper you can choose between an aluminium and steel cage for your gas cylinders.

Before we can supply and install your gas cage, we will first do a site visit to inspect the area where your gas cylinder is stored or will be installed. Once we get the correct measurements, we will be able to give you a quote on your new gas cage.

Supply and Install Gas Cylinders

For your gas appliances, geyser, braai or fireplace to operate efficiently, you require the correct size gas piping and cylinder. We at Gas Viper will recommend and supply you with the correct gas cylinders for optimal output and favourable user experience.

We install the gas cylinders we supply to ensure that the pipes and valves are securely connected and that the gas cylinder is stored the correct way.