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With rising electricity tariffs, one cannot help but to worry about your daily electricity usage. Homeowners are struggling to keep their municipality bills and spending within budget. Therefore, so many homeowners are moving over to gas geysers. Not only does it cut electricity usage, but you also get to enjoy instant hot water and no risk of a burst geyser.

By installing a gas geyser, you will immediately see a difference on your electricity bill. To cut down even more on your electricity bill, you should also consider moving over to a gas hob, gas braai or gas fireplace. This will also help you save money on firewood and firelighters.

We supply and install Gas Geysers

Gas Viper supplies and installs various sized gas geysers. To provide you with the best geyser for your needs, family size and home, it is advised that we do a site visit to determine which geyser would be best for your lifestyle and budget.

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Gas Geyser Products

What happens if you need a larger flow rate than 20lt/min. You can cascade the system by putting a number of units in parallel.

So how do we choose which unit to fit?

Look at what is the maximum and minimum flow rate of water you need and pick a unit that matches it. See graphic on the right.

We supply gas geysers/hot water heaters from Dewhot, Bosch, Rinnai, Paloma etc.

Weather Cabinets and Covers

If your gas geyser is going to be positioned where it might get wet during the rainy season or must endure strong winds, we suggest that you opt for a weather cabinet or cover. These cabinets and covers will help increase the lifespan of your gas geyser, which in the long run will save you money. This could also prevent theft in high-risk areas.

Why buy a gas geyser?

  • Cost saving – Your electricity bill will be lower once you switch over to a gas geyser.
  • Reliable – Your gas geyser is non-reliant on electricity, which means you will still have hot water, even when the power goes off. If you choose a battery supplied gas geyser. All fan -forced gas geyser require a main supply. • Easy to repair – Gas geysers
  • Easy to repair – Gas geysers are much easier to repair than electrical geysers and cannot burst and destroy your home and belongings. • Easy to use – Gas geysers are safe
  • Easy to use – Gas geysers are safe when installed by a qualified gas installer and simple to operate.
  • Friendlier to the environment – A gas geyser will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Easy to move off the grid – Once you have a gas geyser installed, it will be easier to add other gas appliances, braais or a fireplace to your home as you already have the gas cylinders and basic pipe system installed.

Why use a qualified gas installer to install your gas geyser?

  • No risk of a fire or explosion – A qualified gas installer knows exactly what he is doing. The risk of a fire breaking out or gas cylinder exploding is zero to none. The gas installer will make sure that all the pipes and connections are secure and that there is no gas leaks. He will also ensure that the gas cylinder is secured and installed outside in a safe location.

  • No risk of gas leaks – As mentioned, a gas installer knows exactly what pipes and valves to use. He will ensure that your gas installation meets industry standards and that there are no leaks.

  • Product knowledge – Qualified gas installers know the product properties of gas and the correct configuration of optimal supply of gas. They will be able to tell you exactly what size cylinder you need and what appliance or type of braai or fireplace to get.

  • No issues when re-selling your home – When you use a qualified gas installer, you will get a Certificate of Conformity (COC) once they have finished installing your new gas appliance, geyser, braai or fireplace. This certificate is very important when reselling your property. You will be required to submit this document to the conveyance attorneys for the sale to go through and the property to be transferred onto the new owner’s name.

  • Peace of mind – If you do not know what you are doing and ignore safety rules and regulations, gas can be dangerous and lethal. Knowing that a professional installed your gas cylinders and appliances will give you peace of mind that you, your family and your house are safe.

  • It is recommended that both your gas geyser and gas fireplace are serviced on an annual basis.

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